Blackbird faces delays in evaluating Missouri D zone

Blackbird faces delays in evaluating Missouri D zone

December 9, 2009

Blackbird Investments Inc (C:BBI)
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Wednesday December 09 2009 - News Release

Mr. William Macdonald reports


Blackbird Investments Inc. has provided an update on the re-entry and recompletion on the two existing Mather's wells.

Both the Mathers 2-74 and 2A-74 wells have been re-entered, acid washed and perforated. The corporation then proceeded with the frac of the Mathers 2-74 to access the Missouri D formation, with the intention of then returning to the Mathers 2A-74 to frac the Virgillian formation. Unfortunately, during the perforation and frac activities, the casing in the Mathers 2-74 well was damaged. Due to the separation in the casing there was an intrusion in the wellbore of formation fines, which closed much of the well off. This has resulted in a delay in accessing and evaluating the Missouri D zone. The company is currently moving forward to complete the repair to the casing. The delay as a result of the required repairs should be modest.

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